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Amazing Dinner Cruise

| May 9, 2016 | Leave a Comment

A dhow cruise in the city of Dubai is a great way to spend the evening with someone you love. You could take your whole family and spend the evening under the stars. The dhow cruise includes a fabulous gourmet meal, amazing views, and relaxing music! If you are in Dubai, participating in a dhow cruise is a must-do activity. Spend two hours of your vacation time cruising through the water in a relaxing atmosphere.

Your dhow cruise begins at the Dubai marina where you will board an amazing water vessel. The view of the marina and the city of Dubai is one that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. The city lights set the perfect atmosphere.

Make your way to your seat while listening to lovely Arabic music and gazing at the wooden dhow. Be amazed by shows like a magic show or a specialty dance show. Dinner will be served buffet style. You will have the opportunity feast on continental and Asian cuisine. After dinner, make your way to the deck where you can watch the view. Listen to the water wash by and your stress will go along with it.

Your dhow cruise in Dubai is a great experience. It is one that you will never forget. If you are on vacation or business in Dubai be sure to book the next dinner cruise. Take your special date and show them just how much you love them with a romantic atmosphere. In fact, this is the perfect atmosphere for a marriage proposal. It is also a great way to celebrate a milestone anniversary with your spouse.

There is not going to be another opportunity like this one. With over ten years of experience you can expect that the captain and crew of your dhow cruise in Dubai will be the most professional. They will treat you with courtesy and respect to make your experience as pleasant as possible. You will have the time of your life the next time you are in Dubai and experience a dhow cruise. It is affordably priced for anyone’s vacation budget. The only thing left to do is calling and getting your seats reserved for that special day.

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