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| January 14, 2016 | Leave a Comment

If you have never taken a marina dinner cruise, now is the time to enjoy this winsome activity. Allow yourself to experience the amazing sights and sounds from the water’s point of view. Grab your spouse, call a friend and take your mother or your entire family for this adventure. This cruise is meant to be enjoyed by all. Climb aboard a beautiful solid wooden boat for an outstanding opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on the sea.

Your marina dinner cruise will begin with a complimentary drink of choice; something like tea, coffee, soft drink, or water. You’ll be greeted by a professional staff and experienced crew who welcome you aboard, hand you your refreshment and then invite you to join in the evening’s events. What you’ll see when on board the ship is a beautiful solid wooden boat that has been kept to perfection; shiny, polished, and inviting. Next, your marina dinner cruise includes listening to beautiful live music. There will be professional dancers, perhaps a comedy or puppet show that you can enjoy. You will not be bored of this dinner cruise for even a single minute. For dinner you’ll find a gourmet buffet dinner being served. The food served comes from different cultures like Asian and continental. No matter what you eat, you’ll find it delicious.

For two hours you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying the view from the deck or sitting below in a climate controlled environment. On deck you will experience breathtaking views of the harbour, the city, the stars, and the moon. So if you choose to sit below deck, leave enough time to walk around because you won’t want to miss the sights and sounds of the open air. It’s a point of view that can only be enjoyed while on board a marina dinner cruise.

Whether you are celebrating a big event, taking a family vacation, or looking for a romantic evening for two, a marina dinner cruise is perfect for you. With a professional staff, delicious food, and amazing shows you are sure to want to come back every year to enjoy this experience. Your friends will be jealous that you participated in this fabulous evening affair. If you are visiting Dubai, plan to visit this city soon, or live here put the marina dinner cruise on your schedule. Buy your tickets and participate in something you will be talking about forever.

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