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Make Dinner Plans on the Creek

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Dinner is one of the best meals of the day because it is something that you look forward to while working and running from one activity to another. At this meal you get a chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes or share with friends at a favor


A Relaxing Time

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The Best Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina will offer many things for their guest’s enjoyment. It is a dinner cruise worth taking if you find that you need to take a business trip to Dubai. Plan ahead and book your cruise. If you are going to Dubai on va

Al Wasl Dhow

Relish the best dhow dinner

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Memories are made with friends and family members but in order to make them truly unique it helps to have a different approach. There are many ways to make this happen but one of the most memorable ways in Dubai is the traditional dhow dinner and ent

Al Wasl Dhow

Make Reservations on Dubai Creek

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For those who enjoy new experiences there is one that you must take advantage of whether you are a resident of the city of Dubai or just in town for a visit. The dhow dinner cruise is a unique opportunity to see the city from a different point of vie

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