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Enjoy the mesmerizing tranquility of cruising

| January 14, 2016 | Leave a Comment

Dubai has turned out to be a fabled destination for many of the luxury seeking travel junkies and rightly so. From excellent maritime heritage to brilliant picturesque scenery of the vistas lying in and around the creek, everything about the emirate is splendid. Dubai is definitely the place to be this season. Treat yourself and your loved one this holiday season with something extra special.

For many years, rivers were the only transportation available to mankind. Hence, naturally many of the early civilizations flourished along the riverside. So, it is no surprise that the riversides are one of the most picturesque beauties. This is the place where you can, at a glance, view the onward march of a civilization. Lined with the old and new, the old architectural beauties like the mosques and the new towering malls, what better way to spend your holiday than gliding through the waterways, at the comfort of your luxury cruise. And if traditional is how you like it, dhow cruise is the one to book to take you on this journey.

Traditionally used for shipping and traveling purposes, the dhow boat has now evolved to cater to more refined and diverse needs of the travelers. Catering to the recreational needs of the passengers at its best, the dhow cruises have a variety of services that will not disappoint you when it comes to your holiday expectations.

1. A five star dinner

No holiday is complete without a scrumptious meal to fill your stomach. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian delicacies, find it all here at the diner of the cruise and savor the delectable delights. Have a good laugh with friends and family over dinner or spend some quality time with your loved one while eating and gazing out at the beautiful view.

2. Entertainment

Dinner is not all that is to look out for in these cruises. There is more in store for the passengers on board. From magic shows to other fun filled activities, all is available here to enrich your leisure time.

3. Vistas to gaze at

Whether you are an admirer of the dazzling night sky or the passing structures of this fabled city, the cruise ride will not disappoint you in these terms. Look into the mirror like gaze of the water or stare at the night sky, you will never find a better place to delve into your thoughts.

So this season, kiss your stress goodbye with a trip to the luxurious destination of Dubai and book your place on the Oasis Palm dhow cruise, today!

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