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Leisure Travel in a Dhow Cruise

| December 8, 2015 | Leave a Comment

In your bucket list, you should definitely not leave out traveling across the ocean in a cruise ship. These were historically done in vessels that have evolved into dhows. A cruise ship is a passenger ship used for traveling usually for pleasure purposes. The exciting part about it is that you get to go to many places where you stop along the way to your final destination. It is the experience that you have while traveling which makes it worth your while.

Voyages should definitely catch your attention. You get to travel without stopping at any ports for 2-3 night round trips. How amazing is that! Some ships, however, stay on the water for up to a whole week. There are different cruise ships that offer an array of different activities so you have to choose the one that will appeal to your personality. Therefore you get to maximize your time and get your money’s worth.Among other cruise ships is the dhow cruise in Dubai Marina. A dhow is a traditional wooden vessel that is commonly used in the Middle East.

Historically, it was used for a number of activities especially trading. It is a refurbished floating restaurant that is perfect for dinner events, private birthday parties, team building, conferences and weddings. This unique and beautiful ship gives you the opportunity to view the most unique parts of Dubai in a one hour cruise. It is definitely a different scenery, but a difference that you will not mind experiencing.

During the cruise, you get to be in the magical presence of the panoramic magnificent skyline that is dotted with Jumeirah Beach residence, international five star hotels with their private beaches, 7 star Burj Al Arab and the world renowned Palm Jumeirah. This would definitely make a perfect scenery for your treasured memories with friends, family and your life partner. It will be a jaw dropping experience that you will not be able to forget about. It is a traditional Arabian dhow. Dubai Marina is a traditional canal city that goes two miles along the Persian Gulf shoreline. The shoreline has signature villas, garden homes and canal cove town homes.

During the cruise, there are offers like international buffet dinners, soft drinks, tea, coffee and live entertainment. The dhow cruise in Dubai Marina is one experience you should definitely put in your to do list.

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