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The Magical Dubai Trip

| November 16, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Everyone loves to experience something magical once in their life time. Travelers look for such experience throughout their life. Dubai offers this magical experience in the form of a cruise rides which are enchanting and exciting. This cruise is nothing like the common cruise, but a traditional wooden dhow dinner which is decked with glittering lights and colorful decorations. It takes you through the beautiful city, over the sparkling waters of historic Dubai Creek and the vibrant Dubai Marina. Cruising down Dubai creek is a novel experience, one which you cannot miss when in Dubai. The dhow sets the perfect setting for you to enjoy fabulous views of the city while relishing the delicious food.

There are many arrangements available on these dhow cruise to make your trip full of entertainment and fun. There are dance performances, comedy and puppet shows, all of which are organized in an airconditioned room where you can enjoy the shows with your loved ones with all comforts. The dhow cruise hires trained professionals, staff and crew member to look after their guests as the comfort of their guests is the main priority. They provide a friendly and comfortable environment for the guests.

Cruising in Dubai is a novel experience, while going through the dazzling waters you witness some remarkable sights that mesmerize you. You can not miss the beauty of extravagant skyscrapers of Dubai. The architecture of these skyscrapers is completely unique and modern. They highlight the richness of Dubai in money as well as in technology.

The cruise takes you down the memory lane and lets you experience the great history of Dubai. You will enjoy being in the scenic old town of Al Bastakiya where you will get to watch the traditional abras whizzing by as you enjoy dinner on your brightly lit dhow.

Food is important as it represents the culture and traditions of a city or country. And who doesn’t loves to eat new things while traveling and exploring new places. It is one aspect of traveling enjoyed by everyone. There are dhows that take care of your taste buds too and let you get indulged in classic elegance of feasting on the luxurious 5 star dining banquet.

While traveling in Dubai you come across many famous tourist spots including Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and many more. There is nothing that can replace the magical experience of a dhow cruise, which you must experience once in your lifetime.

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