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The Majestic Grandeur Of Dubai Marina

| February 1, 2016 | Leave a Comment

Dubai, the magnificent and architecturally beautiful city of United Arab Emirates, is a famous travel destination for travelers form all across the world. The city is famous for its glorious and ultra-modern architecture, luxury shopping, and exuberant nightlife. From skyscrapers and seven-star hotels to amazing tourist destinations, the city has it all.

One such beauty of the city that you must visit when you plan a vacation to Dubai is the spectacular Dubai Marina.

It is one of the first and the largest waterfront developments in the region and has a large canal that offers access to the sea from both ends. The major attraction of the Dubai Marina are the spectacular twisting skyscrapers and the Jumeirah Beach Residence walk. They together combine to make a city within a city with amazing architecture, cafes and bars which are ideal for people-watching. The area has high-end hotels and some of the best restaurants in the city as well. Here you can enjoy the view of several high-rise luxury apartments as well as villas set against the backdrop of the Marina.

The most exciting way of exploring the majestic grandeur of the Marina is by cruising on a traditional wooden dhow cruise, which you can easily book by contacting a reliable and trustworthy cruise provider. They ensure that you get the best deal and go to great heights to make your ride on the dhow fun and exciting. This amazing crusie takes you through some of the most beautiful attractions of the Marina where you can enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe and the refreshing lifestyle that this unique seaside community is offering. Also, on the cruise, you can indulge in a luxurious dining experience which consists of several international cuisines which are prepared by professional chefs with great dedication.

Whether you want to spend some romantic time with your better half or want to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and luxurious ride through the Marina, the dhow cruise Marina is a must try for everyone. It allows you to view the city while cruising through the sparkling waters of the Dubai Marina, which makes this whole journey magical and enchanting. Here you can simply relax or enjoy the several fun activities that are usually organized by the cruise managers for the entertainment of the guests.

So, whenever you plan a trip to this gorgeous city, be prepared to have the most exciting and thrilling vacation, as all these features of the city combine together to make your trip a memorable one.

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