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Dhow cruise dinner

Make Dinner Plans on the Creek

Most of the people make some dinner plans on holidays. It is not just about good food, but relaxation and some quality time with their favorite people. It will give you relief from the busy and tiring workdays. For chi

Dhow cruise Marina

Have a relaxing and refreshing trip on Dhow Cruise 

Everyone wishes for a calm day when they can relax and admire the beauty of things around. Always find time to spend with your loved ones and to refresh yourself for a delightful life. You will find a lot of options in Dubai to chill out. But, a dhow

Dhow cruise Dubai

Relish the best dhow dinner

Pleasant memories are cherished for a lifetime. Make some priceless memories with your friends and family members. There are many ways to make this happen, but one of the most exciting ideas in Dubai is the traditional dhow dinner and entertainment c

Dhow cruise Dubai

Finding the best Dhow cruise in Dubai

A Dhow cruise gives the perfect evening for many different occasions. This package makes a fantastic gift for your parent’s anniversary, birthday function of your beloved or getaway with your friends. A Dhow cruise package is an excellent way to sp