Celebrate this New Year with Grandeur


When a year is about to end, plans for the best New Year celebration start to roll by. Every year it seems to be the same story. People go to a club, spend a lot of money but never get any unique experience out of it. If respite from the chilly, depressing weather and a luxurious holiday is what encompasses your idea of a perfect new year celebration, then Dubai is the best destination this year.

The Dubai tourism industry caters to its high-end customers with immense precision and satisfaction. Being one of the booming tourism sectors of the world, people visit Dubai for the experience of a lifetime every year. New Year celebration is especially one such time that draws many tourists in. As the end of the year is a high season, people should make their reservations and plans well ahead of time.

Dubai is considered the ultimate party hub for the revelers out there. Everything is available here in Dubai, from concerts and performances of some of the most prominent artists in the world to the various lounges that cater to your party animal inside.

Dubai is becoming one of the most preferred winter cruise destinations among tourists. It has become the renowned holiday destination with the perfect mix of old mosques and its sky-rocketing shopping malls, from beautiful dunes to romantic creeks. Even if partying out loud is not on your list this new year’s eve, fret not. Dubai has something in store for you all too.

The city offers a mesmerizing and out-of-the-world experience for those on the lookout for something extra special to jazz up their celebrations. From a wide range of cruise options available to choose from, you can get the best depending on your budget. If you are someone who loves the traditional side of doing and seeing things, then getting on board on a traditional dhow cruise is a must. It is the perfect selection for setting the romantic mood on.

With the clear mirror-like creek for the love birds to view, the beautiful starry night sky is at your disposal to gaze at. All these are available with a dhow cruise, a fully air-conditioned lower deck, and a full three-course meal served on the deck. Dhows offer many new things on New Year to add to the fun.

Cut the cake when the clock ticks 12. While sailing on a Dhow, you can have unhindered views of the fireworks in landmarks of Dubai. Make this holiday special for you and your loved one by opting for the best dhow cruise in Dubai Marina, and make them rejoice and remember this moment for a lifetime.