Dhow Cruise Marina


A traveler’s blueprint to explore Dubai Marina Walk

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Marina is a testimony to the height of Dubai's ambitions. Marina, the artificial canal city near Palm Jumeirah, was planned and built from scratch. Ever since the marina opened in

Dubai Water Canal sunset

Dubai Water Canal – Dubai’s Latest Waterfront Attraction

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The Creek has nourished and witnessed the growth of Dubai from its earliest days. Recently, Dubai has opened the Dubai Water Canal, which is a billion-dollar extension of the quintessential Creek. It stretches from the old Creek and passes through th


JBR Dubai— Visit the most sought-after residential area

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Everyone who comes to Dubai would have heard about JBR and added it to the top of their bucket list. The locals and residents are equally excited about this waterfront development in the city, which is their favorite entertainment hub at night. A vis


Top things to do in Dubai at night

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What pops up in your mind when you think of night? I hope it is not as dull as the bedroom, lamps, and sleep. Even if it is, everything will change if you are in Dubai. The night is not just about rest when you are in a city that never sleeps. Try so