Enjoy Nightlife Entertainment on the Water


Eating out at your favorite restaurant is always a delight, but even this can get old after a while. It becomes a routine where you order the same dish and sees the same view every time. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, why not take advantage of Dubai’s nighttime excursions and experience dhow cruise dinner at a vivid place with your loved ones.

Dhow cruise in Dubai is an opportunity to board a luxury dhow outfitted with lights, offering 5-star cuisine and top quality service while at the same time experiencing the shows and outside views of the city lights. You can book online or rent the entire cruise for an office event or personal get-together to celebrate without bounds. The customer representatives will be happy to serve you and help you with any special requests. 

Hiring an entire Dhow for a party is an exceptional experience, and it will undoubtedly impress the guests. Entertainment, decorations, food and everything will be arranged as you decide. If you aim at an exceptional party, don’t think of the budget and book a Dhow cruise.

The buffet is prepared by some of the best chefs in Dubai who combine the Middle East and European cuisine for delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Staff members are there to see that every detail is taken care of with your food, drink, and entertainment, and each guest has an experience that they will never forget.

Sit back and relax, enjoy the surroundings and views while creating memories with those in your group or make new friends inside the dhow. If you want to make an impression on business partners or those out of town, this is a great way.

Dhow cruise offers unlimited entertainment programs for the guests. The 2-hour cruise will include relaxing music, live dance performances, magic shows, and comedy shows. Tanoura dance is a highlight of the Dhow cruise in Dubai. The Egyptian folk dance is undeniably a showstopper.

Plan your excursion to get the dates and package that suits your schedule and budget when looking for a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai. You should choose the trip that you are most interested in and go by yourself or plan a night with friends and family members to enjoy it as a group.

There are several options to choose from based on style, food, and cost to ensure that everyone walks away with the experience of their choice and a desire to come back again.