Behold the beauty of Dubai on a Dhow

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A passionate traveler loves to explore new places and cities. For them, the whole world is full of magnificent and fascinating beauty. One such place that attracts a lot of travelers is Dubai, which is known for its ultramodern and stylish architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife.


There are many ways one can explore the alluring beauty of Dubai, but the best way to do so is to get aboard a Dhow cruise for a quintessential experience. Dhow cruise is a dream come true for all those travelers who enjoy a lavish dining experience and stunning scenery. These cruises take you through the sparkling waters of historic Dubai Creek, the vibrant Marina, and many other beautiful spots while entertaining you with many shows.


On board this cruise, experienced and professional crew look after the guests who aims to keep their guests happy and comfortable. There are two routes for the cruise, which are unique in their own way. One takes their guests to the heart of Dubai, through the sparkling evening waters, where they are left amazed by the city lights and towering skyscrapers. Another provides a nostalgic cruise along the historic Dubai Creek in old Dubai and the old town of Al Bastakiya.


Cruising through Marina will give you sights of the real luxury in Dubai, which has made it one among the top tourist destinations. The popular Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Ain Dubai and Marina Mall add a unique charm to Marina. It can be called a city as it has everything from shopping centers, restaurants, apartments to leisure points. The artificial canal city is the main attraction in Dubai.


The creek is an entirely different place which reminds everyone about the past of Dubai. Creek is known for heritage sites, museums, and souks. As Dhow passes by the lake, see the old buildings and several other spots of antiquity. Meanwhile, enjoy entertainment programs like Tanoura dance and music.


Dhows offer delicious dinner to the guests. The dinner will include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Arabic and Continental cuisine. If you want to ensure a delightful journey in a Dhow, reserve the trip with the most experienced and reputed tour company in Dubai.




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