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Finding the best Dhow cruise in Dubai

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A Dhow cruise gives the perfect evening for many different occasions. This package makes a fantastic gift for your parent’s anniversary, birthday function of your beloved or getaway with your friends. A Dhow cruise package is an excellent way to spend an evening with someone whom you love. The evening is romantic, and the setting is perfect.


Your cruise starts with a ride from the hotel room to the Dhow. Then, you will board the illuminated Dhow where you meet a professional crew. Enjoy a light beverage of coffee, tea, or a soft drink. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful wooden Dhow, and it is like no other. When looked from outside, it is all adorned with lights. Inside, a couple of tables are arranged with cozy and elegant seats.


You will find the atmosphere to be inviting and relaxing. The food that you can expect is continental, Asian, and Arabic. While you savor a fabulous meal, see the professional dancers. Also, listen to music that adds to the enticing ambiance. The best thing about Dhow cruise is that it enables attractive sightseeing experience from the comfort of your table.


With delicious food, great entertainment, and delightful music, it would be hard to expect more. Actually, there is more. Take a walk to the upper deck after your meal, and the view is impressive. You will never see the city of Dubai like the view from the deck of a dhow cruise. While standing on the deck, look at the city and admire the variety of lights and its architectural feat.


While adoring the views, take in the fresh air as the wind blows on your face. Quietly listen to the waves as the water flows on. The experience of a Dhow cruise is an opportunity to let your heart get closer to your loved one. The romantic atmosphere sets a dreamy setting to make your significant other know how much you love and care for them.


The evening is going to be the one that you never forget. You will love it so much that you’ll want to book a cruise every year. Look for the best Dhow cruise in Dubai to get a memorable and luxurious trip.



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