Tips for Choosing the Right Dhow Cruise Package


Cruising down Dubai creek or Marina never grows old. It is always a novel experience not to be missed by anyone visiting Dubai. Dhow cruise is another name for luxury and romance for holidaymakers. It would help if you had the right cruise package to create priceless memories that you will treasure forever. Whether you’re visiting Dubai alone, with your family, or on a romantic holiday with someone special, is all you need, spend a day in the water.

So how do you choose the right cruise package for you? Here is a simple guideline to help you evaluate your options:

  • What do you want to see? The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Different packages will have different destinations and experiences. Check the specifics to ensure that you are happy with the route to be followed and the itinerary. Choose between Dhow cruise Marina and Dhow cruise Creek. If you are interested to see the lustrous future of Dubai, prefer Marina and if you are in love with the traditions, see Creek.
  • What does it cost? Your budget is a major factor that influences the process of selecting the right package. When choosing a package, do not make the mistake of only calculating the price of your trip, unless your cruise is all-inclusive.
  • You should remember that there will be extra costs such as fare to and from the port (if not included) and the cost of anything not included in the package. Besides, keep in mind that cruising across Creek is an economical option when compared to Marina.
  • When to go? Different seasons offer different appealing aspects. High seasons such as Christmas holiday are fun-filled and full of festivities that you might fall in love with but such seasons attract premium prices. Likewise, cruising during winter can be a bit expensive as it is the most beautiful time in the city. Prepare for the chilling breeze and tingling shower while cruising.
  • What is the purpose? You should have a clear idea of the purpose of booking a Dhow. If it is for an exclusive party, you can book the entire boat beforehand. The crew will decorate the Dhow and arrange everything as per request. Otherwise, book a table from where you can enjoy the views, buffet meal and entertainment.

Sailing on a Dhow cruise in Dubai is a fascinating experience that every resident and tourist should try. Ensure that you pick the suitable package to ensure an unforgettable night in the city.