Make Dinner Plans on the Creek


Most of the people make some dinner plans on holidays. It is not just about good food, but relaxation and some quality time with their favorite people. It will give you relief from the busy and tiring workdays. For children, it is a chance to roam around with their families. Dubai has countless luxurious restaurants which offer fine dining and exceptional comfort. This time, dine out at a unique place. Dhow cruise Dubai offers mouthwatering food, entertainment, and sightseeing under the roof. 

Even when a Dhow is called a floating restaurant, it stands out from all other hotels due to its ambiance, remarkable views, and setting. The traditional wooden Dhow is adorned with lights, and it has all the amenities to give you a memorable night. There are two decks on a Dhow. The indoor air-conditioned deck has a spacious lounge and elegant sitting arrangements. Feel the fresh air and cool breeze on the upper deck.

Creek reminds tourists about the history of Dubai. The Dhow will take you through the Al Fahidi Historical District, known as Al Bastakia. Here, you can spot the small buildings dating back to the city’s early days. The traditional boats called Abras, used for trade, ferries people across the Creek. It offers a journey to people at a minimal cost. Dhow cruise through Creek is an economical option compared to the one in Marina. So, this trip is for lovers of simplicity.

The 2-hour ride enables you to walk around the different levels, enjoy drinks from the bar, listen to musical favorites played overhead, and then eat some of the best food prepared by top chefs in Continental and Arabian cuisine. Entertainment programs like Egyptian folk dance Tanoura and live music will spice up the night.

If you plan to throw a party for your friends or family, go the extra mile and book the whole Dhow. It is best to impress your guests and give them a splendid function. Order a gourmet buffet dinner, desserts, cakes, and the crew will be happy to offer their services exclusively for you. Decorations are also done upon request.

Have food with your loved one in a romantic setting, chill out with your friends or relax with your family. The Dhow is a venue suitable for any of the precious moments in your life. The relaxing journey in the beautiful lake under the moonlight will wash away all your stress.