Make Reservations on Dubai Creek


People looking for new experiences must go for a captivating trip on a Dhow, which will be delightful for residents and tourists. The Dhow cruise dinner is a unique opportunity to see the city from a different point of view. Enjoy the entertainment and classic cuisine while relaxing on a traditional water vessel from the region’s culture.

Guests can choose from two Dhow cruise packages in Marina and Creek. Given the choices, making a bad pick is impossible. However, decide if you wish to dine while moving along the fascinating cityscape or the important heritage sites. Dhow cruise Marina will give you glances at the dazzling future of the city, and Dhow cruise Dubai will take you through its cherished traditions.

This cruise is ideal for a special event such as an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or business meeting. You can book the entire boat for a large party and enjoy the food and entertainment with only your friends and family members. Imagine when the whole Dhow is adorned for you and everything is made as per your wish.

All Dhow cruise packages last about 2 hours on the water with live shows and five-star dinner buffets. Excellent customer service is available to ensure that every request and need is met immediately. The city’s modern buildings and waterfront are lit up to provide a spectacular view from the water. The beauty of Dubai at night is unsurpassable. So here, the night is not the end of the day, and it marks the splendid beginning of luminous city life. 

Guests can sit back and relax as soon as they leave the dock. Feel free to explore the various levels of the Dhow and see what makes this vessel unique from many other boats and yachts. The best way to reserve your table (or the boat) is to go online and book your date well before the required day. Dhow cruise is one of the city’s most popular activities, so you should book as early as possible.

While you sail on a Dhow, look forward to an excellent dinner on the water and watch the city glide by. Look for the best Dhow cruise package and have a great time in Dubai. Spend the evening with your loved ones to make it even more memorable.