Dine out at the best floating restaurant in Dubai 


Are you planning to dine out today? Most people have some favorite restaurants where they can find great food. But, the same place and food may become monotonous after some time. Change is always inevitable. Find a place where toothsome food, perfect ambiance, excellent views, and leisure are all offered. Dhow cruise is the best floating restaurant in Dubai, which provides all these in a fascinating setting.

Dhow is better known as a sailing cum dining place because dinner is served in the middle of Dubai’s sparkling waters when you are on board. Select a dhow cruise package for the wonderful delicacies provided at this sailing cafe.

After the conventional welcome drink of Arabic Kahwah and sweet dates, the attractive fragrance of the meals will fill your heart. The food presentation is fantastic, and it consists of exotic fruits, desserts, several appetizing dishes in Arabic and Continental cuisine. Try different dishes in the buffet-style dinner. After having a healthy meal, people can enjoy a walk for a while on the airy patio of the best dhow cruise in Dubai.

In the night voyage, people can get a novel perspective of the beautiful lakes in Dubai. The view of the waters under the shining stars makes a fantastic view. The elegant design and decorations of the Dhow keep people engaged. The expansive patio has enough space to move around and view the scenery. The whole environment is perfect for travelers.

Locate your table and enjoy the food as the Dhow moves through some stunning points in the city—leisure programs like Tanoura and magic show gift a colorful night on a Dhow. You can choose between Dhow Cruise Marina and Dhow Cruise Creek. While a Dhow passes through the artificial canal in Marina and some opulent buildings, the latter will pass by the heritage sites.

Dhow is also an excellent choice for a party in which the guests will get delicious food and a lot of entertainment programs. One would want to hold the time that seems to move so quickly. On this affordable and comfortable Dhow, people can also take many pictures to cherish the memories. You can feel a deep sense of relaxation as the water washes away all the mental stress and tensions.

The 2-hour cruise in Dubai is a trip which you should never miss. The ride in the traditional boat gives a chance to experience the culture in the city while enjoying luxury at its best.