Relish the Best Dhow Dinner


Pleasant memories are cherished for a lifetime. Make some priceless memories with your friends and family members. There are many ways to make this happen, but one of the most exciting ideas in Dubai is the traditional dhow dinner and entertainment cruise. Individuals can book a Dhow for small parties or reserve the entire vessel for a personal event.

You will enjoy custom cuisine that brings the East and West together with comedy shows, dance, and grand scenery that cannot be found anywhere else. The Dhow cruise has been around for many years, transforming from a two-masted vessel sailing the oceans for trade into the contemporary boat that takes guests on a two-hour ride on the local waters. The new version is a luxurious wooden boat that lures tourists worldwide.

You can choose between experiencing the city lights from the water and gliding down Dubai Creek. Check out the old town in Creek and the heritage sites. At Marina, a completely different setting will welcome you. The opulent buildings at soaring heights, waterfront apartments, and a wonderful artificial canal will fill your hearts.

Every intricate detail inside a Dhow is designed to provide guests with a different and unique perspective of the vessel and local traditions while relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. These packages are the ideal solution when you plan to celebrate an important event coming up like an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or family reunion in a different way.

The Dhow is also a great place to discuss business deals or give a grand party to the guests, which will be one of a kind in their life. It is always best to book in advance to ensure that you get the package and date that works best for your schedule. Check online and find the best dinner cruise in Dubai.

Dare to be different with a tradition enjoyed by locals and visitors from all over the world as they seek to view Dubai from a slightly different perspective. Take part in five-star dining cuisine and beverages created by the best chefs in the area. Watch as performers take the stage to cheer the crowd with various entertainment options. Tanoura, an Egyptian folk dance, is a key attraction in the Dhow cruise.

Have dinner while looking at the splendid views outside. The dinner served in a buffet-style will have a variety of traditional Arabic and Continental dishes. There are different Arabic sweets for desserts. It will be one of the best meals you have ever had whenever you and your loved ones wish to have a toothsome dinner along with a fantastic sightseeing experience, sail on a Dhow cruise. 

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