old dubai dhow wharfage

Things to Do in Old Dubai – Attractions & Activities

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When everyone thinks of Dubai, the first things that come to their mind are the tall buildings, seven-lane roads, luxury cars, and the 24/7 party atmosphere. But there is another sideĀ in Old Dubai where the old boats


Abras – The traditional boats of Dubai

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When you are standing at the Creek, everything around looks like they have taken a leap backward in time. Like you have turned the dial a few decades back and accidentally got lost somewhere. The creek is where you can

Dubai Water Canal sunset

Dubai Water Canal – Dubai’s Latest Waterfront Attraction

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The Creek has nourished and witnessed the growth of Dubai from its earliest days. Recently, Dubai has opened the Dubai Water Canal, which is a billion-dollar extension of the quintessential Creek. It stretches from the old Creek and passes through th


Some of the Beauties of Dubai While on Cruise

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Dubai, the city of superlatives, has something in store for everyone. And there is no better way to explore this picturesque emirate than booking your personalized dhow cruise. Along with an unforgettable sailing experience, there are places and acti