Things to do in Dubai Marina


Marina is the gem of Dubai. Because the place offers many opportunities to spend a day, you ought to come to Marina if you don’t like running out of pastime ideas. Dubai Marina was opened in 2003 and has continued to grow ever since. 

The latest development is underway near the existing Marina called Bluewaters island. The island has been accessible to the public since 2018. 

Bluewaters is soon to become a luxury destination in Dubai. The tallest Ferris wheel on the island is expected to open in 2020. 

Enjoy the view of Dubai Marina 

Dubai Marina

Skyline of Marina is lined with skyscrapers and gravity-defying engineering feats. The Cayan Tower dons the title of the tallest twisting building in the UAE. Streets of Marina is also a center for Instagram-worthy spots to show off your holiday adventures.

Just strolling along the Marina canal is an escapade from your mundane daily routine. Every time you come here, you have something new to see. The exotic cars, well-manicured footwalks, and beautifully lit promenade complete the vista of a place brimming with luxury.

Shopping in Dubai Marina

With Marina Mall, The Beach, and The Walk, Marina is overflowing with shopping centers. You have more than enough reasons to empty your wallets in this shoppers’ paradise. 

There are anything and everything from elegant boutiques to flashy accessories and gadgets in this upscale district of Dubai.

If Marina Mall is a traditional indoor mall located on the bank of the canal, The Beach and The Walk are outdoor ones covering a vast expanse of this waterfront location. All of them have made their mark on the place.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner

Marina is a beautiful place with stunning architecture, tall buildings, and above all, the aquamarine water. Dhow Cruise Dinner is an all-in-one package to experience the luxury of Marina. Dhow cruise Marina takes you for a 2 hour trip across the Marina canal from JBR to Bluewaters Island.

Dhows don’t go deep into the sea because modern Dhows are not made to handle the waves. And also, the expensive chinawares on the tables will give way to the boat’s rolling.

But, the dinner cruise, even without the sea experience, is something any tourist should go for. It’s not just about the views. In fact, there is an even bigger attraction on the dhow than the view the food.

Professional waiters serve Arabic gourmet dinner around half an hour into the cruise. Before that, there are welcome drinks, tea, and coffee. A dinner experience on a boat sailing in the towering structures is unique.

A male dancer performs Tanoura, the traditional Egyptian twirling dance. Marina Dhow Cruise is a mix of the modern and the traditional. 

All kinds of adventures in Marina

The tall buildings, the beach, and the sea open up some unique opportunities for adrenaline junkies. XLine is a one-kilometer zipline in the middle of the urban skyline. You can slide down the lie with your friend by your side on another line that runs parallel to the first one. 

The large park near JBR is the site for Sky Dive Dubai. And the beach is the mecca of watersports; Jet Skii, Flyboarding, Parasailing, and whatnot. There are endless things to do in Dubai Marina for families and kids.

A Luxury Yacht Cruise in the Marina waters

Marina hasn’t let down those who love to luxuriate on snazzy boats. Yachting is now one of the beloved hobbies of the wealthy folks here. 

Dubai has a rich history entwined with the sea. The fishing and pearling heritage have left a mark of pride on the emirate. In the modern era, this legacy is carried forward by ostentatious yachts.

Yacht cruises take you from the Marina and around Palm Island. There is no better way to behold the beachside attractions of Dubai. If you want to see the facade of Atlantis-The Palm in its entirety, you must go to the sea. 

There is no doubt why Dubai Marina is the favorite vacation spot for tourists worldwide. Excellent connectivity to anywhere in Dubai by public transport, endless dining varieties from British to Latin American, and more, and the unearthly air are impossible to resist.